Nicknamed "the Steel City" because of a prominence in steel development that reaches as far back as the Civil War, Pittsburgh is still home to one of the most significant steel manufacturers in the nation: United States Steel Corporation, or U. S. Steel. Although the city remains proud of its fine tradition of heavy industry and manufacturing, it also has evolved into a hub for innovative high-tech development and research, such as data storage and information technology, biotechnology, robotics, etc. Thousands of technology-development companies now contribute to the region, making Pittsburgh the ideal place to learn the engineering science that forms the building blocks for the city itself.

Pittsburgh is rich with mechanical engineering and materials science opportunities. Regional industry helps the Swanson School of Engineering's Co-Op Program provide students with multiple hands-on mechanical engineering and materials science experiences. The same network of technology and industry attracts the finest in faculty, forming a scientific community that is entirely unique to this area.

Pittsburgh’s industrial past has given way to an enterprising and vibrant present. Affordable living, distinctive neighborhoods, growing industries, and an abundance of leisure activities create a quality of life in Pittsburgh that is virtually unmatched.

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