Bridge Program Course Requirements

To complete the program, MS2PhD BRIDGE Fellows enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh are required to complete the following:

24 Didact Credits:

Life science (3 credits)

Math (3 credits)

Statistics (3 credits)

Ethics (3 credits) - BIOENG 2241 - To be taken in the second semester of the second year

Professional Development (3 credits)

Scientific Writing (1 credit) 1st or 2nd year Spring-BIOENG 2901 at Pitt

Grant Writing (1 credit) only offered at Pitt in Fall of 2nd Year: BIOENG 2900

Oral Communication (1 credit) only offered at CMU in Spring: CMU 24-696

Three Track Courses  (3 credits each):

3 Semesters of seminars 

A list of approved math, life science, and statistics courses can be found here: Approved Courses (