headshot of Becca Segel

Becca Segel

Pre-Doctoral Fellow Certificate


Becca is an energy storage enthusiast and researches electroanalytical tools for flow batteries. She is a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and was named one of the Pittsburgh Business Times’ 5 founders under 25 in 2022 for her entrepreneurial aptitude. Becca is the CEO and founder of FlowCellutions LLC, a company unlocking the potential of flow batteries through enhanced diagnostics and monitoring.


B.S., Case Western Reserve University

Segel, B., Parr, Z., Sawant, T.V., Yim, C.S., Miller, D.M., Henry, T.J., & McKone, J.R. (2022). Flow battery electroanalysis 3: online kinetics measurements using ultramicroelectrodes in channel flow. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 10(26), 13917-13927.Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). doi: 10.1039/d2ta02132c.