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Nicholas Eror



Prof. Nick Eror joined the department as chairman in the fall of 1989, prior to which he was professor of materials science and engineering at the Oregon Graduate Center. He also served as a senior scientist at the Sprague Electric Research Center and during this period taught chemistry and mathematics as a part time visiting professor at Williams College. He is a fellow of the American Ceramic Society.

Prof. Eror has a strong interest in both undergraduate and graduate education in metallurgy, ceramics, and polymers. He is also the director of the National Chautauqua Faculty Enhancement Program for college teachers.

His research interests include the thermodynamic and structural properties of metal oxides with special emphasis on the effects of aliovalent dopants, and synthesis of nonmetallic compounds using cryoprocessing and organometallic precursors. Materials and properties of interest include superconductors, dielectrics, electropotics, electroluminscence, compound semiconductors, photolysis of water, oxidation/reduction kinetics, electrical properties, Raman spectroscopy, oxide catalysts, mass transport, phase transformations and stabilities, and synthesis of thermodynamically defined multicomponent compounds.


PhD Materials Science, Northwestern University, 1965