Spencer Zacher

Zacher, Spencer

Major: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: Plum, PA
High School: Plum Senior High School

Why you chose Pitt:

Living only 30 minutes away, I grew up a Pitt fan and found myself going to many basketball and football games. Although I toured colleges both close to home and far away, no school was as welcoming and impressive as Pitt. The engineering program had a very high reputation and I felt it provided me with great opportunities to advance my education through programs such as study abroad and co-op.

Advice to First Year Engineering Student:

Get involved both inside and outside of the classroom. Joining clubs and activities helps you find friends with similar interests. Also, meeting the people in your classes and forming study groups can help make studying for classes much more enjoyable. If it weren’t for the fellow engineers I met through drumline, I would not have had such a successful first year.

Extracurricular involvement and Future Goals:

In addition to being an Engineering Ambassador, Spencer is also a member of Pitt Band. He plays snare drum in the drumline (also known as Crew), as well as playing drum set in the pep band for basketball games.