Ruby DeMaio

DeMaio, Ruby

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Cheltenham, PA
High School: Cheltenham High School

Why you chose Pitt:

When I was applying to colleges, I didn’t have a first choice school, but I think Pitt subconsciously became my first choice after my first visit in November of my senior year. During my visit, I first toured the Swanson School of Engineering (SSOE). I joined a tour group led by four upperclassmen currently studying there, which I now know to be Engineering Ambassadors like myself. First, they took us to a classroom just to talk about all the different opportunities, such as co-ops, study abroad programs, and internships, that SSOE offered to its students. They told us that we could practically participate in any and everything that we wanted to do there and I walked out believing and feeling excited about that. Afterwards I participated in a regular campus tour and I loved it. My group's Pathfinder provided so much information with so much energy; he inspired me to apply for a position among the Pitt Pathfinders. I also just loved walking around on a college campus like Pitt's. The buildings looked great inside and out. Grass, trees, restaurants, and college students filled the campus. Visiting that day helped me to really see myself there. At the end of the day I told my mom that Pitt would be the school where I would be mad if I didn’t get in. At that point it became my first choice and I was thrilled went I got in and am still thrilled to be here.

Advice to a First Year Engineering Student:

My advice to a first year engineering student would be to find the balance between taking advantage of SSOE’s opportunities and not putting too much on your plate.

Extracurricular involvement and Future Goals:

Pitt National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Fundraising Chair
Research for credit
Anointed Steps of Faith