Natalie Neal

Neal, Natalie

Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Pittsburgh Carrick High School

Why you chose Pitt:

I originally didn't know what exactly what I wanted to do with engineering, so I really liked that all freshman engineers started as undecided and took all the same classes. I was very interested in all the resources Pitt offered. Despite wanting to go away for school, Pitt's vibe, credibility, and opportunities ultimately won my heart.

Advice to First Year Engineering Student:

Relax, everything will be okay, just take a deep breath and take it step by step. If you mess up, there is time to fix everything. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Extracurricular involvement and or Future Goals:

TORCH chair

My future goal is to graduate, get a good job, and be happy