Dalind Wilson

Wilson, Dalind

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Bear, Delaware
High School: Appoquinimink High School

Why you chose Pitt:

One of the first things that impressed me about the University of Pittsburgh was the hybrid style of the campus. Being an urban campus, it had the city blocks and bustling streets that provide life to the area, but it also had ample green space and quiet streets to add a touch of suburban living that I really liked. The Swanson School of Engineering is also a very prestigious engineering school, so after my visit I was excited to apply and be a part of the community at Pitt.

Advice to First Year Engineering Student:

The first year as an engineering student can be overwhelming, so it is important to plan-ahead and organize your life and school work as much as possible. Come up with a study plan and ways to organize your life that work for you, whether that’s using a wall calendar or notes in your phone, organization and time management are the keys to a successful first year.

Extracurricular involvement and or Future Goals:

I’m very excited to be an Engineering Ambassador, as well as continue participating in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Excel program. I plan to be a part of the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers and eventually take part in the co-op program.