Wells Paige

Wells, Paige

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Downingtown, PA

Why did you choose Pitt? 

When visiting colleges, I really wanted an urban campus, and Pittsburgh is a great city to live in as a young adult! I also was impressed with all of the resources that the Swanson School of Engineering has and offers to its students - research opportunities, international experiences, co-op, advanced labs, etc!

Advice for First-Year Engineering Students

Figure out what types of studying work effectively for you and establish those habits early! Having good study habits leaves more time for you to do fun things, which is really important to do as well!!

Extracurricular Involvement and Other Campus Jobs

In addition to being an Engineering Ambassador, I'm also a member of the Society of Women Engineers, Pitt's Club Cross Country team, and love playing intramural soccer and volleyball with friends.

Plans for the Future

I'm currently completing a co-op with an environmental and human health risk assessment consulting firm and have really enjoyed my time there so far! I'd love to go into a field like consulting after college.