Saba Nick

Saba, Nicolas

Major: Bioengineering
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why did you choose Pitt? 

Pitt was attractive to me for two reasons: the environment and their connection with UPMC. Pitt offers the best of both worlds, having that urban feel while at the same time being surrounded by nature. As a bioengineering student, a lot of our work deals with research, and what better place to do it than one of the biggest hospitals in the country! Here, you can find a lab on anything you could ever be interested in and some of the best doctors in the world are only an email away.

Advice for First-Year Engineering Students

In engineering, organization is key. Make sure you're keeping track of your assignment and exam dates so you can stay on top of things. Also, make sure you're using all the various campus resources that are offered to you!

Extracurricular Involvement and Other Campus Jobs

For sports, I played on the intramural basketball, volleyball, and racquetball teams. I'm a member of both Pitt Excel and BMES and since sophomore year, I was the Pitt Arrival Lead Coordinator.

Plans for the Future

I plan on going to industry straight out of college and then coming back to school and working towards either a masters or a PhD.