Lee Isabel

Lee, Isabel

Why did you choose Pitt? 

I chose Pitt because I wanted a medium sized engineering school within a bigger university, providing me with opportunities to study more than engineering. I also like the balance between city and campus, as well as all the opportunities for Pitt students in the city of Pittsburgh (e.g. free bus transportation and museum passes). Also, the Swanson School of Engineering has its own study abroad office which was a huge draw for me because it makes studying abroad as an engineer easier, something that is not super common elsewhere!

Advice for First-Year Engineering Students

The easiest way to make your 4+ years here memorable is to get involved as soon as you step foot on campus. Academics, while an important part of college, should not take up all your time here at Pitt. Join clubs that interest you and run for a position in that club even if you think you have no chance of winning. This is what I did with ASCE, and now I am on the Executive Board, going to conferences around the United States, and have made friends with people in my department. This will provide more opportunities for you and help make the adjustment to college easier.

Extracurricular Involvement and Other Campus Jobs

I am the President of Pitt’s chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), I play intramural volleyball, and completing a Co-Op with Nicholson Construction. I plan om studying abroad in Spain, to finish out my Spanish minor.

Plans for the Future

After undergrad, I plan on getting my masters in structural engineering. My dream job would have to be designing bridges and overhauling the infrastructure here in the United States (and possibly abroad?!?)!