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Engineering Science
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Engineering Science is an Engineering degree which offers flexible curricula in several interdisciplinary areas of concentration.

All areas of concentration contain in-depth exposure to science combined with in-depth exposure to engineering.

The goal of the program is to develop the student's ability to think analytically across disciplines and tackle future technical challenges that require a thorough understanding of a discipline in the physical sciences and/or mathematics combined with engineering.

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Background Information

Engineering Science Program Manual  


Sample Curriculum Schedules

Sample Curriculum for Nanotechnology - Chemistry / Bioengineering

Sample Curriculum for Nanotechnology - Physics / Materials Science

Sample Curriculum for Engineering Physics

Sample Curriculum for Engineering Mechanics


Engineering Science combines a study of an engineering disciple with the study of a basic science.  This provides the educational background for the study of multi-disciplinary problems.  Engineering Science is divided into four curricula: Engineering Physics, Nano-Physics/Material Science, Nano-Chemistry/Bioengineering, and Engineering Mechanics.  These areas allow the study of problems in development of electronic and biologic materials, electronic and optical devices, nuclear energy and fluid and solid mechanics.  Engineering science graduates are involved in design, development, research, management, and related activities in these fields.  The breadth and diversity of the profession requires an undergraduate curriculum that provides a sound foundation in the basic sciences, computational skills, and the fundamentals of engineering and engineering design. This curriculum provides a base for future professional growth and is also an excellent background for those who wish to pursue careers in other professions including management, law, or medicine. The Engineering Science program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. For more information on the program, contact undrmems@engr.pitt.edu or see the Engineering Science curriculum .



For information on the Engineering Science program please see the program manual or contact the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Undergraduate Administrator at undmems@pitt.edu  (or in room 636 BEH)

Paul Ohodnicki (808 Benedum Hall) is the Program Director and the administrative home of the program is the MEMS department.  

Four areas of concentration are offered (Engineering Physics, Nanotechnology: Physics/Materials, Nanotechnology: Chemistry/Bioengineering, and Engineering Mechanics).

All Engineering Science curricula require substantial additional higher-level science and mathematics courses over and above a typical Engineering Major. This is a challenging major. All areas of concentration include a two-term capstone design experience.