The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science is offering a Ferrous Physical Metallurgy (FPM) concentration to students in the materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering physics programs. Twelve units are required to complete the concentration. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required for students to participate and students must obtain a GPA of at least 2.5 for the courses taken.


The need for an area of concentration in ferrous physical metallurgy is a response to the changes incurred by the steel industry around the world. The most pressing future challenge to the steel industry is the impending absence of expertise in ferrous physical metallurgy. An estimated 1,000+ engineers with knowledge in steels will be needed in the North American Steel Industry over the upcoming years. This concentration represents a significant opportunity to educate and prepare future engineers.

To meet these and other future challenges, the industry needs to employ resources who possess an education, training, and knowledge in physical metallurgy with special emphasis in ferrous physical metallurgy. The goal of this concentration is to provide a strong educational and training program focused on the use of physical metallurgy, advanced alloy design philosophies, and modern thermo mechanical processing strategies for the enhanced design and manufacture of high-performance steels.