Optional areas of concentration have been defined to allow a student to develop a strength in a particular area of interest. Students satisfying the requirements of an area of concentration will have that fact noted on their transcripts.

  • Digital Systems
  • Electronics (Circuits and Devices)
  • Electric Power
  • Communications and Signal Processing
  • Degree distinctions earned by taking advanced courses that share a common theme
  • Concentrations are comprised of 3 advanced electives
  • No substitutions / exceptions
  • As new electives are created, concentrations offering will grow


Information on each area of concentration can be found below.


Autonomous Systems

At least one of:
ECE 1188 - Cyberphysical Systems ECE 1674 - Mechatronic systems ECE 15XX - Robotics Control
Between zero and two of (to total 3 courses):
ECE 2521 - Stochastic processes
ECE 2646 – Linear systems theory
ECE 1395 - Introduction to machine learning
ECE 1390 - Intro to image processing and computer vision
ECE 1673 - Linear control systems (CoE only)



Any three of the following courses:
ECE 1232 - Introduction to Lasers and Optical Electronics
ECE 1247 - Semiconductor Device Theory (COE only) ECE 1250 - Nanotechnology and Nano-Engineering
ECE 1251 - Micro and Nano Device Fabrication Laboratory
ECE 2233 - Focused Ion Beam Scanning and Electromicroscopy
ECE 2235 - Monolithic Integrated Circuits
ECE 2240 - Nano Optics (Graduate course)
ECE 2260 - Scanning Probe Microscopy-based Characterization and
ECE 2262 - Low-Dimensional Nanoelectronic Devices
ECE 2295 - Simulation and Design of Photonic Integrated Circuits


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