Permission Number Process

A Permission Number (PN) is a code used to override an enrollment restriction on a course. This code is issued by the school or department offering the course. Please read and follow the instructions on the permission number (PN) form carefully.

Permission number request workflow

  1. The student submits the online Permission Number application (link to application is below)
  2. ECE Administrators generate a Permission Number for complete and approved applications
  3. Student will receive Permission Number once Open Enrollment begins and inputs the Permission Number into the PeopleSoft/Highpoint enrollment system during the point of enrollment (Training and FAQS for registration and Permission Number assistance)

Enrollment Errors and Override Approvals

The following enrollment restrictions require a Permission Number to enroll. Requests submitted without the appropriate information will be denied.

Please note: If you are attempting to substitute a course for an ECE pre/co-requisite, you must provide that information on your application (please write which class you feel is a replacement). Your request will be denied if you submit it without this information.

Enrollment requirement missing

  • Pre/co-requisites

Career restriction

  • If you are Minoring in COE/EE
  • If you are not an ECE Major
  • An undergraduate student enrolling in a graduate-level course
  • A graduate student registering in an undergraduate-level course

The following override requests will be automatically denied:

  • To override the seat limit of a course, i.e., a closed/full class.
  • To override a credit overload or time conflict. 
    • A credit overload or time conflict override requires approval from the Dean’s Office. Please reach out to your assigned Academic Administrator to discuss the petition process for credit overloads and time conflicts. For non-ECE students, reach out to your home school for further information.

Students with questions and/or concerns regarding the permission code form may contact