Partner with Pitt and the Swanson School of Engineering 

Why Engage With Us?

Corporate relations at the University of Pittsburgh provides the opportunity for you to interact with our world-class faculty and students; utilize some of the most advanced equipment in the world; solve your research challenges; and keep your team on the cutting edge of innovation!

Here at Pitt, we are dedicated to providing your organization with:

  • Collaboration with a top research institution in the U.S. 
  • Access to cutting edge equipment often inaccessible to industry
  • Synergetic partnerships with award-winning researchers
  • Student recruitment access to address your company’s human capital needs

Utilize Research and Development

We’ll Help You Get Started

Get an edge on the competition by partnering with Pitt, and gain insight into the latest scientific and technological progress. In 2020, 375 companies collaborated with Pitt faculty on over 600 research projects of all types, including clinical trials, basic science, and highly focused translational activities. Swanson School offers multiple pathways for you to collaborate with us:

  • Successful research partnership is a team sport customized to mutual goals
  • Our faculty and staff can perform research and evaluation work in a fee-for-service mode
  • Your employees can use select Pitt laboratories, after training which we provide
  • We can establish co-located space for your company to collaborate with our faculty and staff on projects

License Our Technologies and Invest in Our Startups

Harness New Ideas

Expand your business through licensing an innovation! With over $900 million in annual sponsored research, the University of Pittsburgh is the birthplace of new technological developments across a myriad of disciplines. Our innovations and technologies are available to be licensed to corporate partners through our comprehensive Innovation Institute

At the Innovation Institute, you can shop our list of available innovations to license, lead a startup or even be a mentor to young entrepreneurs!


Educate and Develop Your Workforce

Committed to Learning

Our own-campus and professional graduate programs develop the essential knowledge and skills that contribute to employee success in the workforce. These programs include:

  • Group tuition rates for professional degree and certificate programs
  • On-site or online “Lunch & Learn” and program information sessions 
  • Aligning your company’s learning objectives with one of our degreecertificate, or course programs to help meet your training needs
  • Customized training workshops with engineering faculty


Engage and Recruit Top Students

Let Us Introduce You to Students Prepared to Succeed

We recruit the most promising students who can in turn become your recruits too! Our Pitt faculty builds upon the solid foundation of scholars to develop them into successful individuals well-equipped for the workforce. Hiring a Pitt graduate is made easier through a variety of recruitment services, including:

  • STEM-specific career fairs 
  • Keynote speaker opportunities
  • Co-op and internship programs
  • Student organization events
  • Customized recruiting events

Support the Swanson School of Engineering

Boost Your Corporate Engagement Through Philanthropy

Extend your corporation’s influence. Targeted giving helps your corporation by creating a relationship between the workplace and the classroom. Corporate philanthropy ensures that the University delivers outstanding education programs, makes a positive impact in our community, and guides students to successful careers. Pitt’s Office of Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement can help you contribute and participate in an ongoing relationship toward mutually beneficial outcomes for your company.

Andrew Falk, Executive Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations,


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