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Xiliang Luo

Xiliang Luo


Research Interests

The focus of my research has been the preparation and application of different nanomaterials, especially conducting polymer-based nanomaterials, which including nanoparticles, nanowires, nanocomposites, nanoporous materials and nanostructures. Taking advantage of the special properties of conducting polymers and nanomaterials, I have been working on the development of electrochemical sensors and actuators, such as hydrogen peroxide sensors, glucose biosensors and nanofingers, based on these materials. My current research interest is focused on the construction of conducting polymer scaffold for functional tissue engineering based on stem cells, and the controlled drug release using nanostructured conducting polymers.


Doctor of Philosophy 
Electroanalytical Chemistry 
Nanjing University, Nanjing China 

Master of Science 
Analytical Chemistry 
Quingdao University of Science and Technology, Quingdao China 

Bachelor of Science 
Industrial Analysis 
Quingdao University of Science and Technology, 
Quingdao China 

Research Experience

Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA

Electrically controlled drug release based on nanostructured conducting polymers. Construction of conducting polymer-hydrogel scaffold for functional tissue engineering based on stem cells.

Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University, Arizona, USA

Electrochemical synthesis of metal and conducting polymer nanowires using hard template method. 
Development of electrochemically controllable actuators (nanofingers) and sensors based on multisegmented nanowires. Enzyme assisted AFM nanolithography of conducting polymer patterns.

National Centre for Sensor Research, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

Electrochemically synthesized conducting polymer-based nanocomposites, core/shell nanoparticles and nanoporous materials, and investigated their sensing and biosensing applications. Developed a novel method for the electrochemical preparation of distinct conductive polymer nanostructures using polystyrene nanoparticle template. 



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National Excellent PhD Thesis Nomination 2007

Excellent PhD Thesis- Jiangsu Province 2006

Excellent PhD Thesis- Nanjing Univ. 2006

Excellent Postgraduate Fellowship- Nanjing Univ. 

Special Scholarship for PhD Candidate 
Nanjing Univ. 2003 

Book Chapters

Xiliang Luo , Aoife Morrin, Anthony J. Killard, Malcolm R. Smyth. Nanoparticles in Electrochemical Biosensors, in Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Ed: Hari Singh Nalwa, 2nd edition, American Scientific Publishers, in press