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MS in Nuclear Engineering Core Course Topics

Upon acceptance, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to help guide your studies. With limited formal credit requirements, you and your advisor can tailor the program to meet your educational goals. For the professional Master's program, no thesis is required and there is only one required 3-credit course: 

  • ME/ECE 2646 Linear System Theory
    Linear spaces and operators, mathematical descriptions of linear systems, controllability and observability, irreducible realization of rational transfer-function matrices, canonical forms, state feedback and state estimators, stability.

We encourage all accepted students who come to us from a background other than nuclear engineering to complete the Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering course early on in your studies. The following specialized courses and topics are available to fulfill additional credit requirements towards your 30-credit Nuclear MS degree:

  • Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering                                                      
  • Nuclear Core Dynamics                                                
  • Nuclear Plant Dynamics & Control                                             
  • Integration of Nuclear Plans with the Reactor Core                                                 
  • Nuclear Operations and Safety                                           
  • Nuclear Quality Assurance Management                                                 
  • Nuclear Materials                                                          
  • Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry                                                     
  • Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Nuclear Power Plants                                           
  • Boiling Water Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics and Safety                                           
  • Computational Radiation Transport                                           
  • Mathematical Modeling of Nuclear Plants                                                
  • Management Principles in Nuclear Power
  • Case Studies in Nuclear Codes & Standards                                             
  • Environmental Issues & Solutions for Nuclear Power                                              

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