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Civil Engineering MS: Construction Management Focus Core Course Topics

Core Course Topics

The required curriculum for the MS in Civil Engineering with a Construction Management Focus includes 18-credits of core courses and is as follows:

  • CEE 2201 - Construction Cost Estimating
    This course teaches the methodology for estimating construction costs. The course covers all types of costs and all types of construction. The student is introduced to standard reference materials and to computerized estimating systems. The course teaches methods and procedures for developing accurate estimates and the basis for follow-on cost control.  
  • CEE 2202 - Construction Scheduling
    This course teaches the student the theory and practice of planning, scheduling, and controlling the time and cost of construction projects. The course covers various advanced techniques such as cost duration analysis, critical resource analysis, stochastic modeling, and cost control. The course teaches the use of contemporary computerized software systems with hands-on application.
  • CEE 2203 - Construction Methods & Equipment
    This course teaches the student how to plan, organize, and execute construction operations. The course includes typical operations in both building construction and engineering construction. The course describes how to properly construct in order to achieve quality and productivity objectives.
  • CEE 2204 - Construction Law & Risk Management
    This course introduces the student to the legal and risk management issues in construction. The course covers the principles of contract law and various legal areas affecting construction such as environmental regulations, insurance, bonds, tort liability, dispute resolution, and professional services.  
  • CEE 2205 - Construction Finance & Cost Control
    This course introduces the student to the company level financial and accounting systems which are used in the construction industry, and to project control systems which are used to manage cost and time. The course includes such topics as financial accounting, cost accounting, financial statements, and variance analysis.

  • CEE 2206 - Construction & Cost of Electrical Systems
    This course teaches basic construction and cost estimating methodologies for single and three-phase electrical distribution systems that include wiring, power, and controls. The course uses commercial estimating systems and the national electrical code.  
    CEE 2207 - Construction Cost & Mechanical Systems
    This course teaches the student how to plan, organize, and execute mechanical construction operations; and the methodologies for estimating their costs. The course covers mechanical systems such as water (supply and waste), HVAC, fire protection, and their controls.   

12 electives credits are included in specialized course topics. Students pursuing our online MS in Civil Engineering with a Construction Management Focus will often work towards the Safety Engineering Certificate simultaneously to meet elective requirements. For a more detailed curriculum overview and elective options, click here to download our program description flyer.  


  • BIOE 2725 - Design for Injury Prevention

  • CEE 2206 - Construction & Cost of Electrical Systems
  • CEE 2207 - Construction & Cost of Mechanical Systems
  • CEE 2230 - Building Information Modeling

  • ECE 2250 - Power Electronics Circuits & Applications
  • ECE 2646 - Linear System Theory
  • ECE 2774 - Power Systems Analysis II*
  • ECE 2777 - Power System Transients I*
  • ECE 2778 - Advanced Power Electronics - FACTS and HVDC
  • ECE 2780 - Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems
  • ECE 2781 - Smart Grid Technologies and Applications
  • ECE 2795 - Special Topics - Continuous additions in line with industry opportunities and trends
    • Advanced Electric Machines and Drives
    • Electric Distribution System Engineering II
    • Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources
    • Protective Relaying and Automation
    • Power Magnetics

*Prerequisite required

  • IE 2301 - Intro to Safety Engineering
  • IE 2302 - Engineering for Process Safety
  • IE 2303 - Work Design

  • ME/ENGR 2100 - Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering
  • ME/ENGR 2101 - Nuclear Core Dynamics
  • ME/ENGR 2102 - Nuclear Plant Dynamics & Control
  • ME/ENGR 2103 - Integration of Nuclear Plans with the Reactor Core
  • ME/ENGR 2104 - Nuclear Operations and Safety
  • ME/ENGR 2105 - Integrated Nuclear Power Plant Operations - on campus only
  • ME/ENGR 2110 - Nuclear Materials
  • ME/ENGR 2115 - Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Course topics offered with variable frequency to satisfy 30-credit MS and 15-credit certificate
    • Nuclear Quality Assurance Management 
    • Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry 
    • Radiation Detection and Measurement 
    • Boiling Water Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics and Safety 
    • Computational Radiation Transport 
    • Mathematical Modeling of Nuclear Plants 
    • Management Principles in Nuclear Power 
    • Case Studies in Nuclear Codes and Standards 
    • Environmental Issues and Solutions for Nuclear Power

Available online courses and course descriptions can be found via our course catalog.