The Co-operative Engineering Education Program (or "co-op" as it is generally known) is a program within the Swanson School of Engineering whereby the student engineer's education experience is enhanced by a series of challenging, highly relevant "real world" work experiences. The program rotates semesters at work with semesters at school. Typically, the first work rotation is after the end of the sophomore year or the first term of junior year, and each rotating term lasts four months. This is a popular and highly successful program. Co-op salaries are excellent, and the work experience gained is invaluable. More information can be found on the co-op program website.


During each co-op rotation, the student must work with the co-op department to register for one credit of ENGR1090. Students can use three rotations of co-op as one Open Elective.


COE students contact the COE Program Administrator, Alison Oros, for co-op schedule forms and instructions. Each co-op schedule should rotate every other term at work, and every opposite term in class (no double work rotations). Double rotations are not encouraged, and would require the approval of the co-op team, and the student's academic adviser.

Sample Co-Op Schedules