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Environmental Engineering Minor

Environmental Engineering Minor

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a Minor in Environmental Engineering to B.S. degree students in other engineering or science departments of the University of Pittsburgh. The Minor requires the completion of a minimum of 15 credits of course work in the environmental area. However, some of the required courses may also satisfy a requirement for the Major.

The completion of the Environmental Engineering Minor will provide the student with a significant career advantage. Engineers and scientists with many different backgrounds are needed in the control and management of our environment.

Course Requirements

(Any deviation or substitution must be approved by the CEE Academic Coordinator):

  • CEE 1412 - Hydrology and Water Resources;
    • 3 credits, offered Spring and Summer.
    • Prerequisite: Fluid Mechanics.
  • CEE 1503 - Introduction to Environmental Engineering ;
    • 3 credits, offered every term.
    • Prerequisite: General Chemistry 1 & 2.
  • CEE 1513 - Environmental Engineering Processes;
    • 3 credits, offered in the Spring Term.
    • Prerequisite: CEE 1503 or equivalent.
  • CEE 1505 - Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution System Design; or CEE 1515 - Wastewater Collection Pumping and Treatment
    • 3 credits, offered in the Fall Term.
    • Prerequisite: CEE 1503 or equivalent.
  • CEE 1514 - Environmental Impact Assessment;
    • 3 credits, offered in the Fall Term.
    • Prerequisite: CEE 1503 or equivalent.

*In case of a scheduling conflict, CEE 1609 : Life Cycle Assessment Methods and Tools ,  CEE 1610 : Engineering and Sustainable Development,  or CEE 1618 : Design for the Environment may be substituted for CEE 2513 with the approval of the CEE Academic Coordinator.


Early application is advised so that the applicant can be assigned to an Environmental Advisor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Obtain and submit the completed application form with copy of academic record to: Dr. Leonard W. Casson, Academic Coordinator,742 Benedum Hall, Tel. 412-624-9870; casson@pitt.edu. Application deadlines: October 31 for December graduation, February 28 for April graduation, June 30 for August graduation.