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Faculty Name Rank Area of Interest Personal or lab website
Alavi, Amir H. Assistant Professor Multifunctional Materials and Structures, Structural Health Monitoring, Mechanical Metamaterial, Low-power Energy Harvesting, Machine Learning, Optimization Website  
Bilec, Melissa M. Associate Professor, Deputy Director MCSI Sustainable engineering, high-performance buildings, life cycle assessment, sustainable healthcare Website
Brigham, John Associate Professor Computational mechanics, engineering inverse problems/inverse mechanics, computational diagnostics, reduced-order modeling and surrogate modeling, shape and kinematic analysis, biomechanics, optimal design, smart adaptive/morphing structures, quantitative nondestructive evaluation.  
Bunger, Andrew P. Associate Professor  Hydraulic fracturing, Interaction between shale formations and drilling fluids, Emplacement mechanics of magma intrusions, Fracture mechanics, poroelasticity, Stress measurement  
Casson, Leonard W.  Associate Professor, Academic Coordinator Adsorption, fate, transport and transformation of chemicals, particles and environmental pathogens in unit operations and the natural environment. Vulnerability assessments, methodologies and analytical techniques to ensure the security of water treatment and distribution systems and wastewater collection and treatment systems.  
Fang, Lei Assistant Professor Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Advanced Flow Measurement.  Website
Fascetti, Alessandro Assistant Professor Large-scale physics and data-based resilience assessment of infrastructure systems, multiscale computational mechanics, advanced surveying, Artificial Intelligence  
Gilbertson, Leanne M. Assistant Professor Sustainable material design, life cycle assessment of emerging technologies, nanotechnology, green engineering, sustainable agriculture, mechanisms of interactions at the material-bio interface  Website
Haig, Sarah Assistant Professor Microbiology, microbial ecology, water quality, public health, environmental biotechnology Website 
Harries, Kent A. Professor Nonconventional materials in civil infrastructure; repair and retrofit of civil infrastructure; bridge engineering; structural application of bamboo; design and behaviour of high rise structures; development, use and application of building codes and standards. Website
Khanna, Vikas Associate Professor Sustainability science and engineering, industrial ecology, life cycle assessment, complex systems, biobased fuels and products  
Liang, Xu Professor Eco-hydrology, hydrological modeling, hydroinformatics, wireless sensor network, and water resources.  
Lin, Jeen-Shang Associate Professor    
Ng, Carla A. Assistant Professor Bioaccumulation, ecosystem modeling, environmental fate and exposure modeling, chemical hazard and risk assessment, biological fate and toxicity of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS). Modeling and evaluation of green infrastructure networks in urban environments.  Website
Rizzo, Piervincenzo Professor Nondestructive evaluation, Structural health monitoring, Sensors development, Signal processing Website
Sanchez, David V. Assistant Professor Sustainable and Environmental Engineering, Analytical Chemistry for Water Quality, Real-time sensor design (water quality, green infrastructure, aquaculture, hydroponics), Bio-electrochemical systems, Modeling Global/National Water Use intensities, Engineering Education (Sustainability ABET outcomes, Academic Integrity, Time Management, Habits, Design) Website
Sebastian, John T. Professor, McKamish Director of Construction Management Construction Management Website
Stevanovic, Aleskandar Associate Professor Transportation Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Multimodal Transportation, Adaptive Traffic Control Website
Vandenbossche, Julie M. Professor Design, analysis and rehabilitation of concrete pavements. Cementitious materials, material characterization and instrumentation. Website
Vidic, Radisav D. William Kepler Whiteford Professor and Chair Physical chemical unit processes in environmental engineering, surface science, membrane distillation, membrane (NF/RO) filtration, water reuse, water-energy nexus  Website 
Wang, Meng Assistant Professor Environmental Microbiology, Bioremediation, Bionanotechnology, Resource recovery waste treatment, Protein Compartments, Biocatalysis Website