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Civil Engineering at Pitt

The following areas of concentration are available for Civil Engineering students:

Construction Management
Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Water Resources Engineering

Civil Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum

The civil engineer may focus in environmental control and in the development or redevelopment of a geographic area through overall planning, as well as in the design, construction, and operation of structures and facilities for public and private use. Included in the broad field of civil engineering are the following: buildings, bridges, and industrial installations; soil mechanics and foundations; transportation, including highways, traffic, airports, and harbors; hydraulic engineering, including irrigation; water resources, including power plants and dams; water supply; waste disposal; air pollution; hazardous and solid wastes; and environmental sanitation. Modern-day requirements have necessitated involvement in the medical and dental fields, oceanography, polar exploration, energy resources, and the space effort.

The curriculum focuses on the electives available for designing individualized programs suited to the student’s career goals. Emphasis is placed on societal needs and ways of meeting those needs. Thus, graduates are prepared to begin work in any of the several branches of civil engineering or to continue their education at the graduate level.

All engineering students complete the same requirements during the first year (semesters one and two) regardless of major or department.

*The University Catalogs are the official record for all academic program requirements for the University of Pittsburgh and are published online annually in advance of the start of each academic year. (Prior to the Effective Date of this revised policy, the University Catalogs were known as the University Bulletins.) The Catalog is an official contract between the University and the student, and it is each student’s responsibility to become familiar with the policies, procedures, and requirements therein. Undergraduate and Graduate students should refer to the Catalog from their respective first year of enrollment for course information and academic requirements. For more information: University of Pittsburgh Information Systems and Support Group 220 Thackeray Hall Pittsburgh, PA 15260 catalogs@pitt.edu