TAR Projects by Pitt-CIRTL Participants

Current Participants Developing and Implementing TAR Projects:

Lyndsay Avery

Susan Farabaugh

Oluwabukola Gbotosho

Clinton Johnson

Kendra McAlear

Sunayana Mitra

Erika Pliner

Cynthia Salter

Kirsten Shriver

Susan Sonnenschein

Lisa Stabryla

Victor Van Laar

Halina Werner

Matt Wexler

Sossena Wood


Completed TAR Projects by Pitt-CIRTL Participants:

Benay Akyon, Fall 2016

The Use of Annotated Scientific Articles in an Introductory/Nonmajors Science Course and its Effect on Student Interest Towards STEM Fields


Maggie Bennewitz, Fall 2015

Mimicking Bone Bioscaffolds with K'NEX: Developing Student Creativity and Problem Solving Skills


David Boone, Fall 2016

Assessment of a Research Experience in High School Program


Julie Breckenridge, Spring 2016

Evaluation of Jigsaw Methodology in a Bioengineering Outreach Workshop


April Dukes, Spring 2016

Using an Active Learning Activity to Improve Learning of the Steps of the Action Potential


Deanna Easley, Spring 2016

A Pilot Study on the Development of and Factors Involving Engineering Identity in Underrepresented Freshman Engineers at the University of Pittsburgh


Kenrick Fernandes, Spring 2018

Interactive Role-play to Bridge the Gap Between Theory and Practice in Teaching Privacy-Utility Trade-offs


David Gau, Spring 2016

Teaching Titration


Corinne Gray, Spring 2017

Peer Review and Lab Expectations


Lisa Limeri, Spring 2016

Effects of a Supplementary Workshop on Performance and Retention of Minority Students


Meghan Marre, Spring 2017

Assessing the Efficacy of Active Learning Activities in Enhancing Student Understanding of Viral Titer Math


Matt Miller, Summer 2016

Effect of a Project-Based Learning Activity on Student Intrinsic Motivation in a Biomechanics Classroom


Laura Morett, Spring 2016

The Impact of Peer vs. Self Reviews on STEM Writing Development


Scott Streiner, Spring 2015

Using Structured Group Work as a Mechanism for Breaking Undergraduate Engineers' Statistical Misconceptions


Lingqing Xu, Spring 2016

Assessing the Goals of a One-Week Summer Tissue Engineering Camp


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