Industrial Engineering Minor (prior to Fall 2019)

Not available to students in the Industrial Engineering Department.

The Department of Industrial Engineering is offering a minor for students in the Swanson School of Engineering who are not majoring in industrial engineering. This minor should be of interest to any engineering student who wishes to gain a better understanding of systems, and how materials, machines, information, people and other resources are integrated to improve quality and productivity. It should also be of significant interest to all students who would like to eventually move into managing engineering systems.

Required Courses:

ENGR 0020: Probability and Statistics for Engineers 1   

IE 1054: Productivity Analysis  

Elective Courses:

Any three out of the following eight courses: 

IE 1080: Supply Chain Analysis 

IE 1081: Operations Research 

IE 1083: Digital Systems Simulation  

IE 1035: Engineering Management 

IE 1040: Engineering Economic Analysis  

IE 1052: Manufacturing Processes and Analysis 

IE 1061: Human Factors Engineering 

IE 1051: Engineering Product Design 

The student must earn a QPA of at least 2.0 in the five courses used to complete the requirements for the minor. A passing grade (D- or higher) must be achieved in each of these courses; a failing or incomplete grade (e.g., F, G, I) in any of the five courses will prevent the minor from being awarded, even if the student's cumulative GPA is greater than 2.0.