Computing, Teaching and Laboratory Facilities

The Computer Laboratory for Innovation and Productivity (CLIP) is a digital Computer Laboratory.  The room is designed to service the continually increasing need for Industrial Engineering students to develop a proficiency in computer applications that will enable them to succeed and excel when they join the global workforce. 

In addition to general University and School software, the lab offers Computer Aided Design, Database, and Productivity Analysis software to students.  The additional software is customized to the Industrial Engineering curriculum and Industrial Engineering software.

The Lab mirrors the Holzman Learning Center Classroom and allows students to work with their class software and projects at any time of the day.

Industrial Engineering’s Design Studio provides students with computer facilities that are available 24 hours a day with computers and printers and with full Internet and e-mail access.  The lab consists of high-speed PC hardware, provides general University and School software, and includes specialized Industrial Engineering software. The laboratory and its equipment are available to senior students participating in design and research projects and graduate students participating in research projects.

The Holzman Learning Center Classroom is a state of the art teaching computer classroom. It is equipped with a full computer based instructor station including pen display, and student computer presentation, control and display. The room has dual screen projectors that can display both room computers and instructor laptops. The student computers are set in a collaborative layout in a standard setup accommodating 38 36 computers and 72 seats. The available software includes standard office programs in addition to CAD/CAM, simulation, statistics and other Industrial Engineering curriculum and software.