The Master of Science in Industrial Engineering is a STEM designated degree program (CIP code 14.3501). It is highly flexible and requires a minimum of 30 credits of graduate study, and it may be obtained with or without a thesis option. With either option, the student is required to take three core courses that count for 9 credits, and at least two courses from an elective core that count for an additional 6 credits.

Most full-time students take a total of 16 months to complete the program. It is possible to complete the program in as few as 12 months, although this requires a heavy workload while limiting the course options and internship/co-op opportunities available to the student, and is generally not recommended. Other students choose to extend their program to 20 months while spending a term as an intern or co-op working at a company; in many cases students who opt to work try to do so during the summer term so that they can still graduate in 16 months. These work rotations are integral to the program because they provide valuable experiential learning, with real-world applications of concepts learned in classes. 


Within the guidelines of the department's requirements, a student's individual program is highly flexible.  It can be very broad-based with courses in very diverse areas; more generally focused on areas such as operations research, manufacturing sciences, or engineering management; or more narrowly focused on a specialized concentration area. By judiciously selecting their electives, the following optional concentrations are currently possible:

  • Data Science
  • Safety Engineering
  • Engineering Management

Part-Time Masters Program

The academic requirements for part-time students are identical to those of full-time students; however, the nature of part-time education precludes some of the interactions that are possible for full-time students. A majority of Master's level courses are offered during the evening so that students working during the regular workday can attend. Courses that require team projects often require part-time and full-time students to work together and exchange ideas. 

For part-time students, it typically takes two to three years of study to complete the program. For more information, contact

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