"Having a campus in the city was also a benefit simply because there is so much to do to relax and de-stress. There are so many museums that are free to Pitt students, as well is the public transportation that enables you to get there for free. The variety of food options is amazing – my favorite restaurant is Tamarind in North Oakland; it has the best Indian food in the city in my opinion! The running and biking trails in Schenley Park and Frick Park make it super easy to adventure outside and hike in the forest, just minutes away from Oakland.

What surprised me was also what challenged me: Choosing which type of civil engineering to study since we have so many options: construction management, water resources, environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, etc."

-Morgan Berger, MS Alumna, Class of 2021

"The CEE department is prioritizing social events and fostering community for their graduate students. This department has really been a welcoming and safe space for my PhD journey.

Having resided in Nigeria, California, and Texas, winter activities such as snowboarding were unfamiliar to me. However, relocating to Pittsburgh opened opportunities for me to delve into the world of winter sports! Snowboarding has been a great way to make new friends across different departments and is a great stress reliever. "

-Jemima Ohwobete, PhD Student

"The transition from being a graduate student in Mexico to pursuing a PhD in the United States has been an enriching and transformative journey, made possible by receiving a fellowship from the Mexican government for outstanding students. This opportunity has provided me with the chance to immerse myself in a vibrant academic environment, collaborate with diverse and talented researchers, and engage with cutting-edge research methodologies.

Adapting to a new educational system and cultural context has been both challenging and rewarding. The supportive academic community at the University of Pittsburgh has played a crucial role in easing this transition. The exposure to advanced research facilities, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a rigorous curriculum has significantly contributed to my academic and personal growth. Overall, this experience has not only expanded my knowledge in my field of study but has also broadened my perspectives, fostering a holistic approach to problem-solving and innovation."

-Carlos Alberto Garcia Verdugo, PhD Student 

"In my perspective, the Latin community at our university is starting to thrive, despite its modest size. I attribute this growth to the significant role played by Latin events on campus, including the new Latin American Cultural Center. The welcoming and joyous spirit within the community is something I've personally observed, ensuring that newcomers are warmly embraced by current members and the diverse mix of cultures present here at Pitt. This results in an inclusive and warm atmosphere that, in my opinion, genuinely makes everyone, regardless of their background, feel comfortable and valued."

-Maria Jose Jimenez Vizcarra, PhD Student 

Pittsburgh skyline view

Group of students at a graduation ceremony

Engineers working on solar panels

Pittsburgh panther statue covered in snow

Civil engineers on a job sight and backlit by the sunset

pittsburgh pep rally