The University of Pittsburgh Center for Advanced Manufacturing (UPCAM) conducts innovative advanced manufacturing (AdvM) research through the efforts of its faculty and staff and provides an unparalleled educational experience for Pitt students involved in its programs. In doing so, the UPCAM provides superior value for our local, regional, and national stakeholders.


Positioning itself as the nexus of advanced manufacturing education, the UPCAM provides Pitt students with AdvM opportunities inside and outside of the curriculum. The center works with the SSoE departments to develop and coordinate educational programs and opportunities consistent with efforts in AdvM. The scope of the center’s programming includes both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, staff, and administration, promoting a campus-wide awareness of emerging trends in AdvM.


With the ability to facilitate faculty collaboration—within the SSoE, among the University, and especially with external partners in industry, government, and academia—the UPCAM operates as a coordinator for incoming requests in areas related to AdvM and as a broker to ensure the success and satisfaction of all parties engaged in these interactions.