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Fadi Hamad

Researcher Graduate Student
Linkedin Industrial Engineering


I am a PhD candidate in the Industrial Engineering department at the University of Pittsburgh, advised by Dr. Oliver Hinder. I have a master in Engineering Management and a BS in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut. I also worked as a Software Engineer for WaveMark - Cardinal Health.


(2015 - 2016) Mark Sawaya Award - Best Graduating Senior Computer Science Student for the Year 2015-2016.

PhD, Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2020 - present

Master, Engineering Management, American University of Beirut, 2017 - 2019

BS, Computer Science, American University of Beirut, 2012 - 2016

Hamad, F., Moacdieh, N.M., Banat, R., Lakissian, Z., Al-Qaisi, S., Zaytoun, G., & Sharara-Chami, R. (2022). Perceptions on music and noise in the operating room: a cross-sectional study. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, 28(4), 2168-2172.Informa UK Limited. doi: 10.1080/10803548.2021.1978729.

Hamad, F., Nakamura-Sakai, S., Obitayo, S., & Potluru, V. (2023). A supervised generative optimization approach for tabular data. In 4th ACM International Conference on AI in Finance.ACM.4 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201. doi: 10.1145/3604237.3626907.

Hamad, F., & Hinder, O. (2022). A consistently adaptive trust-region method. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems.