headshot of Mostafa Moussa

Mostafa Moussa

Assistant Professor
Industrial Engineering


Dr. Mostafa Moussa is an Assistant Professor with over 12 years of extensive teaching and research experience in Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Additionally, Dr. Moussa has 10+ years of professional experience implementing operations management and statistical tools in research and industrial projects. Prior to join University of Pittsburgh, he worked as a Management Professional at the Energy, Research and Innovation, Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), Michigan, where he collaborated with team members across GLWA divisions to monitor, analyze, and diagnose Power Quality (PQ) issues within numerous facilities. He also designed and implemented power quality metering and developed diagrams, dashboards, and reports in GLWA’s Power Monitoring Expert (PME) software system. In addition, Dr. Moussa was a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Senior Research Engineer at the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Centre in Windsor, ON, where he led research on Industry 4.0, digital manufacturing systems, product development and manufacturing system modeling and optimization, and implementing new and advanced technologies such as Data Mining and Machine Learning models in manufacturing automation and products/systems design.
Previously, Dr. Moussa worked as a Research Engineer and consultant at the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Centre, Canada and Allied Consulting Company, Egypt, where he developed mathematical and metaheuristic models, utilized bio-inspired methods, and led projects that achieved manufacturing goals of yield improvement, labor efficiency, cost reduction, and cycle time improvement.
Dr. Moussa's academic excellence has been recognized with numerous awards and scholarships, including the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (2018/2019), the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2016/2017), and the Doctoral International Entrance Scholarship (2015-2019), the Graduate Student Society (GSS) scholarship (2016), and the International Student Society (ISS) Bursary Award (2016). He is also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, recognized as being in the top 5% of his program. He is also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, recognized as being in the top 5% of his program. In addition, he was granted the Emerging Economies Doctoral Student Award (2013) by the Production and Operation Management Society (POMS).


Ph.D. - Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Windsor

M.Sc. - Industrial Engineering (Supply Chain Network Design), Ain Shams University

B.Sc. - Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Ain Shams University

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