headshot of M. Ravi Shankar

M. Ravi Shankar

John A. Swanson Professor
Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science


Shankar is a Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Broadly, his research interests are in the areas of mechanics, advanced manufacturing, and metamaterials. Current research efforts in the Shankar Research Group are focused on harnessing actuation from order-disorder transitions in liquid crystal elastomers, exploitation of instabilities to power soft robots and developing advanced manufacturing techniques to integrate active materials in freeform geometries.

He was a winner of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ 2010 Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, 2014 Institute of Industrial Engineer’s Outstanding Early Career IE in Academia Award, the Whiteford Faculty Fellowship and currently holds a Swanson Professorship at the University of Pittsburgh.


(2010) Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer award, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

(2009) William Kepler Whiteford Faculty Fellow, University of Pittsburgh.

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