headshot of Frank Bursic

Frank Bursic

Industrial Engineering


Frank Bursic is a Global Energy Consultant and a Partner with Inroads International, LLC. He also serves as a Senior Advisor/Co-owner of Rentricity, Inc., a Hydrokinetic Energy Recovery Company. Previously, Mr. Bursic spent 22 years in the nuclear industry sector with Westinghouse Electric Company. Mr. Bursic has over forty years of experience in the energy and power industries and has held various high-level positions such as COO and Executive Vice President in a variety of companies and industries.

Mr. Bursic has owned his own company for more than 20 years and is teamed with several nuclear engineering and business professionals to assist companies in developing commercial and technical strategies for growth or entry into the nuclear market.


MS, Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 1987

BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 1980