ECE Permission Number Application


The student will be redirected to Pitt Passport if they have not logged in already. The student should enter their Pitt credentials. The student may be presented with the following:

screenshot of the power apps pop up with 3 options: office 365 users, outlook, or sharepoint, with allow button below

Click "Allow"

The student should get the following screen:

Screenshot with text "please note upon approval permission numbers will not be issued until open enrollment begins

If the student clicks list icon beside search bar they will go to the submission screen form.

Fill out the form and submit. All fields need to be filled out.  

After submitting the form the student will be redirected back to the initial page with an entry pertaining to their submission. The student will receive an email with the information they submitted. Once submitted, the student will receive an email with a link to the filled out form. 

Additional instructions:

home icon While the student is in the application and clicks on "Home" icon, they will be taken to the first screen that is shown above. 

x iconThe student can cancel a submission by clicking the "X" icon to the left first and last name. 

arrow icon The student can view a submitted form by selecting the ">" icon. 

Please use this link to submit your request for a permission number: