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Guidelines for Final Report

At the completion of a student's cooperative education program in our department, the student MUST prepare a final paper. YOUR READERS WILL BE SOPHOMORES WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THE CO-OP PROGRAM, SO WRITE YOUR PAPER ACCORDINGLY. The guidelines for the paper, which should be double-spaced and satisfy the page requirements listed for each section, are given below:

1. The text should contain a cover page which includes:
a. The title - based on the main topics of your co-op assignment
b. Your name
c. The company(ies) at which you worked
d. The terms when you worked
2. The abstract should contain no more than 200 words and should convey the summary of the foremost results/conclusions of your co-op assignment. Do NOT include comments on the co-op program itself or the effect of your assignment on your academic performance in this section.
3. The report should be divided into two main topics:
a. The co-op program itself - include all comments, including unfavorable ones and suggestions for improvement, on our co-op program, how it influenced you, how it affected your academic performance, whether it had any bearing on your career choices or opportunities, how it helped/hurt your finances, whether the program is a benefit to our department, etc. PLEASE BE HONEST - this part of your report will be used to improve the program. Please suggest ways to improve the program for new students. 3-4 pages.
b. The assignment that you had - describe the problem(s) which you worked on. Give the reader a sense of the problem as it was presented to you. If you had several assignments, emphasize the one on which you spent the most time or made the most significant contributions. Do not include any data or information that is confidential, however. The summary should provide an informative set of conclusions you made on a specific task or contributions that you made to a task involving many people. 2-3 pages.
4. Two copies of the co-op report should be submitted at the end of your co-op rotation.

The Academic Program Administrator has examples of all reports