Next Steps

Next Steps

After you’ve applied, here are some information to help you prepare.

What to Bring

One of Future Faculty Development program’s biggest advantages is the opportunity to network with peers and mentors. Whether you have business cards or keep notes in your phone, be ready to share your contact info.

Business casual attire is appropriate, but please keep comfort in mind.

Other than that, just bring your passion and please look at the weather forecast before you pack.

How to Prepare

FFDDP prepares participants for a future career in the academia, so think about it like a job interview without the tension and stress.

Be sure to update your professional profile prior to attending.

Do some research on the faculty presenters.

Review your application letter and focus on what you hope to bring back from your experience.

Do some quick research on the location you’re visiting. We encourage you to take some time to explore the host city with your fellow FFDDP peers.