Digital Twin Technology Summary

Led by Dr. Alessandro Fascetti, with support from Drs. Daniel Bain (Geology), Kent Harries, John Brigham, and Julie Vandenbossche, this project will construct a digital twin model of a selected portion of the Mon-Fayette Expressway. The digital twin of the infrastructure ecosystem will interact with three selected physical assets: pavements, bridges, and stormwater management utilities. It will enable a holistic approach for resilience assessment and risk-based operational maintenance. In developing the digital twin, the research team will use recent advancements in in-situ and remote sensing, reality capture and digitalization of the built environment, Internet-of-Things and artificial intelligence technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling quasi-real-time assessment of the Expressway. All of the data will be efficiently visualized and manipulated using advanced visualization techniques enabled by the adoption of the Digital Twin framework, including augmented and virtual reality immersive environments.