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Bistra Iordanova

Assistant Professor
Google scholar Bioengineering Department


My lab develops multimodal neuroimaging platforms to explore systems-level neurovascular and metabolic events during neurogenesis, normal development and neurodegeneration. We are interested in the life of brain cells inside living animals, particularly in the context of neuronal activity, oxygen and glucose metabolism.

We deliver an integrative view on the dynamic neurovascular coupling and neuroenergetics in rodent dementia models, particularly Alzheimer’s Disease. The objective is to uncover and probe the cell-specific signaling pathways behind the vascular and metabolic contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia.
Recently, we also began to investigate the sex-specific changes in the brain metabolism and neurovascular health that drive differences in etiology, onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. We aim to provide mechanistic insights into the neurometabolic and vascular deficits of vulnerable populations and motivate tailored therapeutics that can benefit all humans.

We employ a set of interdisciplinary approaches that combine molecular tools such as optogenetics and reporter protein design with systems-level methods such as in vivo multichannel electrophysiology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, two-photon and intrinsic optical imaging. We collect multi-modal datasets and use bioimage and signal processing algorithms to identify accessible molecular targets connected to brain dysfunction.


(2019 - 2020) Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Seed Grant.

(2017 - 2020) Alzheimer’s Association Research Fellowship ($175K).

(2016) Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium Fellowship.

(2016 - 2017) NINDS T32 Training Fellowship, Neurobiology of Neurological Disease.

(2012) International Society of MR in Medicine - Summa Cum Laude Award.

(2007 - 2010) National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 2005 - 2011

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Research interests

Adult neurogenesis
Bioimaging and signal processing
Brain imaging
Brain metabolism
Neurodegenerative diseases
Neurovascular coupling