ETEM Catalysis Consortium

The ETEM Catalysis Consortium (ECC) provides researchers at Pitt and beyond with managed and comprehensive access to the cutting-edge in situ electron microscopy tools and catalysis expertise needed to address the critical challenges in catalysis science.

Pitt is home to one of only a handful of ETEMs in the US. The ECC serves as an interface to these unique and powerful instruments available at Pitt and ECC partner sites. Dedicated technical staff, experienced in both TEM and catalysis, aid customers interested in ETEM in designing and carrying out experiments. Assistance with data analysis and consultation on projects is also available.


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Instrument Rate ($/hr)
Internal External Non-Profit External Commercial
Hitachi H-9500 & JEOL JEM-2100F 55 115 150
FEI Titan Themis G2 200 82 145 210
Zeiss Sigma 500 VP 40 100 140
ECC Staff Time (Add-on) 60 80 140