Approved courses for the Focused Elective*

(Fall 2014 Curriculum)

IMPORTANT – Although the focused elective is slated for the 4th term in the standard term by term curriculum, it may be taken at any time if you have met the pre-requisites or if you need to wait to satisfy a pre-requisite for a desired course.

Course information can be found via the University catalog:

If you are interested in the “Operations Research and Computer Modeling” Concentration:
MATH 413 Introduction to Theoretical Mathematics (4 cr “W”; pre-req: MATH 230)
MATH 1070 Numerical Mathematical Analysis (3 cr; pre-req: MATH 240)
MATH 1080 Numerical Math: Linear Algebra (3 cr; pre-reqs: MATH 240 & 280)
Also Permitted:
MATH 420: INTRO THEORY 1 – VARIABLE CALCULUS (3 cr; pre-reqs: MATH 240 & 413)
MATH 470: ACTUARIAL MATHEMATICS 1 (3 cr; pre-req: MATH 230)

If you are interested in the “Product Development & Manufacturing Systems” Concentration:
ENGR 1066 Introduction to Solar Cells and Nanotechnology (3 cr; pre req: PHYS 175)
IE 1012 Manufacture of Structural Nano-Materials (3 cr; no pre-reqs)
IE 1013 Manufacturing Process Engineering (3 cr; no pre-reqs)
IE 1201 Biomaterials and Biomanufacturing (3cr; no pre-reqs)
Also Permitted:
IE 1089 Rapid Prototyping to Additive Manufacturing (3 cr; no pre-reqs)
MEMS 0040 Materials and Manufacturing (3 cr; pre-req: ENGR 22)
MEMS 1057 Micro/Nano Manufacturing (3 cr; no pre-reqs)

If you are undecided on a specific focus or are interested in the “Engineering Management” or “Health Systems Engineering” Concentrations:
CS 0155 Data Witchcraft (3 cr; pre-reqs: CS 7, 8, or 401…ENGR 12 should be acceptable)
CS 0401 Intermediate Programming Using Java (4 cr; no pre-reqs.)
CS 0441 Discrete structures for CS (3 cr; pre-req: MATH 230)
Also Permitted:
BUSERV 1920 Financial Accounting (3 cr; no pre-reqs)
ECON 1100 Intermediate Microeconomics (3 cr; pre-reqs: ECON 100, 110 & MATH 230)
ECON 1110 Intermediate Macroeconomics (3 cr; pre-reqs: ECON 100, 110 & MATH 230)

*Note that courses in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Science other than those listed here are possible. The course must be as least as technically challenging as those on the approved list and approval must be obtained from the undergraduate program director.