A Master's in Medical Product Engineering prepares students to develop and advance innovative medical technologies to patients.

Program Details:

Pitt Bioengineering has successfully offered a professional MS in Bioengineering- Medical Product Engineering (MS-MPE) for more than a decade graduating more than 200 students, in conjunction with the Center for Medical Innovation.

The carefully designed 30-credit program applies industry best practices to teach a body of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, to identify and solve challenges in healthcare. The program can usually be completed in 3 terms (usually Fall-Spring-Fall).

MS-MPE students are strongly encouraged to start an internship in the Summer Semester after the initial Fall-Spring Terms. Classes are usually scheduled in the evenings to accommodate working professionals, internships, co-ops, and other demands on our student’s times.

The MS-MPE program is designed and led by world-class faculty who have developed standards of care in many clinical disciplines, and who have created and grown key segments of the medical device industry, with organizational experience ranging from start-ups to large multinational organizations. Students are taught all the steps to successfully develop new products for both clinical and commercial success.

Projects and Partnerships

Classroom teaching is augmented by real-world projects guided by world-leading clinical mentors from the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Health Sciences and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Specifically, MS-MPE students are given the opportunity to work on at least one Center for Medical Innovation (CMI)-supported project during their course of study. In this way, students get hands-on mentoring and exposure to real-world unmet clinical needs and help advance solutions within multi-disciplinary teams.

To provide its graduates full exposure to the range of activities and domains that need to be connected for successful medical technology development and commercialization, we partner with:

Our program has strong connections with the medical technology industry locally, nationwide, and globally. A required career development seminar and regularly scheduled workshops by experienced professionals also help MS-MPE students network, get real-world advice and help determine and pursue their preferred individual career path.

Industry internships, co-ops, and mentoring provided through collaborations and networking opportunities with such groups enable our students to apply their classroom learnings to develop innovative solutions in the real world. This hands-on practical experience in medical product design and development prepares our students for a successful and fulfilling industrial, academic, or public service career in medical technology and services.

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