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SSoE Bioengineering Graduate Studies

The Department of Bioengineering has an active, interdisciplinary bioengineering program in conjunction with faculty from the Schools of Medicine, Health and Rehabilitative Sciences, Dental Medicine, The Graduate School of Public Health, and the clinical staffs at the UPMC hospitals in addition to the other departments within the School of Engineering.

This program is directed toward graduate bioengineering education and research, with particular emphasis on the PhD program.  Its scope is broadly defined to incorporate the application of engineering principles, methods, and technology in two broad areas:

  • Scientific inquiries into fundamental biological phenomena¬†
  • Development of instrumentation, materials, devices, and systems relative to application in the biological sciences and medicine.

Thus, the bioengineering faculty is applying various forms of engineering principles, technology, and methodology to a broad variety of medical and life sciences problems.

Graduate Program Overview

Master's Programs

Four NIH Training Grants