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Alex K. JonesWelcome to the Computer Engineering Programs at the University of Pittsburgh.  Computer Engineering is a joint effort between the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Swanson School of Engineering and the Computer Science Department in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.  This partnership provides the opportunity for students to receive the personalized touch of a small teaching-oriented program while offering the breadth of technical and innovation content often only available at larger institutions.  

Our faculty includes world-renowned experts in fields that include innovative new memory and computing devices, new computing architectures, low-power thermal-aware, mobile and sustainable cyber-systems, and many others.  We also have state of the art instruction and research laboratories housed in two campus buildings. A recently renovated floor in the Engineering building, Benedum Hall, includes brand new testing equipment, computing clusters, and an innovative “maker” space (SERC) designed for product-style entrepreneurship and innovation.   The computer science building, Sennott Square, contains the Gillotti Interactive Learning Suite and state of the art facilities such as the Eli Lilly Conferencing Center. 

While we still retain a strong representation of students from Western Pennsylvania, our programs are internationally recognized, drawing students from all over the world. Computer Engineering maintains a student-first mentality with a focus on instruction and mentorship.  This approach allows our faculty and students to accomplish great things together, as leaders in innovation of new technologies.  Please take a moment to visit our individual program pages, which contain information about our curricula, certifications, and activities.   Thanks for visiting!


Alex K. Jones, PhD
Director, Computer Engineering
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Program

The CoE curriculum focuses on the design, production, operation, and maintenance of computers and digital systems. In addition, computer engineers are involved with the applications of computers and digital technology. Courses include Java, Digital Logic, Linear Systems and Circuits, Digital Laboratory, Computer Interfacing, and Software Engineering. Computer Engineers work as Chip Designers, Application Developers, Software Designers, and Digital Television and Photography Developers. No background in computers or programming is necessary to be in the CoE program.

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