2015 Transportation Forum

Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure
Transportation Research and its Relationship to Workforce Development

The Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure’s (CSTI) in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Society of Highway Engineers held the 2015 transportation forum to present recent innovations in transportation research and to discuss the needs of industry for transportation engineers. This forum focused on transportation research and its relationship to workforce development. Current research topics in transportation engineering were presented along with how this research provides critical training for the next generation of transportation engineers. CSTI supports workforce development through the graduate program in transportation engineering and the CSTI research program supported by PennDOT.


Unbonded Pavement Overlays an FHWA Pooled Fund Study
Julie Vandenbossche P.E. Associate Professor University of Pittsburgh Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Development of a Hydrologic Disaster Forecast and Response (HDFR) System and its Initial Results
Dr. Xu Liang Professor University of Pittsburgh Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

New Methods to Measure and Design ADA Compliant Curb Ramps and Sidewalks
Jonathan Duvall PhD Student in Rehabilitation Sciences and Co-founder of Pathway Accessibility Solutions

Engineering Education
Dr. Gerald D. Holder, PhD University of Pittsburgh US Steel Dean of Engineering

Connecting Employers to Students for the Transportation Industry
Maureen Barcic Director, Cooperative Engineering Program Swanson School of Engineering

Panel Discussion on the Needs of Industry for Transportation Engineers Including Faculty and Industry Representatives