2014 Transportation Forum

Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure
Research in Support of the PennDOT State Transportation Initiative Program
March 5, 2014

The Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure (CSTI), in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE), conducted its fourth annual forum to to advance learning on the research being performed to support the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC). The STIC program was developed by PennDOT in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to "establishing a process in which ideas, innovative techniques and processes can be evaluated and implemented quickly and proficiently". Through the research performed by CSTI for PennDOT, this process is being supported. The CSTI research has developed methods and designs to assist PennDOT for rapid deployment of these innovations to support the bridge and highway infrastructure in the state of Pennsylvania.


Bridge Waterproofing Details
Qiang Yu, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Developing a Methodology to Incorporate Transit, Pedestrian and Bicycle Design Features into Highway and Bridge Projects during the Planning and Design Phases of Project Development in Pennsylvania
Mark J. Magalotti Ph.D.,P.E., Principal Investigator; Keith Johnson P.E., Research Faculty; Eileen Pauletta P.E., Researcher; James Keener, Research Assistant; Jiawei Tao, Research Assistant, University of Pittsburgh

Online Learning Graduate Transportation Engineering
Mark J Magalotti, PE, Transportation Program Director; Janet L Littrell, EdD, Director of Online Learning, University of Pittsburgh

Improved Performance of JPCP Through a Better Awareness of Plastic Shrinkage and Drying Shrinkage
Julie M. Vandenbossche, P.E., Ph.D. and Nicole Dufalla, University of Pittsburgh

Evaluation of Bridge Cleaning Methods on Steel Structures
Kevin Alland, Julie M. Vandenbossche, P.E., Ph.D., Radisav Vidic, P.E., Ph.D., Xiao Ma, University of Pittsburgh

Structural Evaluation of Slab Rehabilitation by Method of Hydrodemolition (HD) and Latex Modified Concrete (LMC) Overlay
Kent A. Harries, PhD, FACI, P.Eng, University of Pittsburgh; Matthew McCabe, Beaudette Consulting Engineers, Missoula MT, former graduate researcher at the University of Pittsburgh; Michael Sweriduk, University of Pittsburgh