Continuation of Carbon Nanotube Additives for Structural and Highway Concrete

The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the use of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in concrete and pavement to increase the density, tensile strength, durability, abrasion resistance, and shrinkage reduction for structural and pavement concrete used by PennDOT. A comprehensive literature review will be conducted to establish the material variables to be explored (e.g., type of CNTs and range of CNT loading) in the experimental design as well as the reported benefits of CNTs in concrete. A laboratory investigation into the effect of CNTs on the performance of concrete mixtures versus traditional PennDOT concrete mixtures will be conducted and the benefits evaluated. Recommendations relative to the feasibility of incorporating CNT technology for PennDOT concrete mixtures as well as any potential benefits or disadvantages will be made.


01 October, 2022