MEMS Departmental Seminar

Fall Term

Wednesday 10:00-10:50
Seminar Instructor: Dr. David Schmidt

Attendance Policy

Attendance is Mandatory for ALL Scheduled Seminars

In Person: During in person seminars, the TopHat app will be used for attendance.

Zoom-Based: Attendance for remote-based seminars will be taken using the zoom app.

  1. Seminar attendance is mandatory.
  2. Each student may be absent from two seminars (to account for unforeseen circumstances). Students with more than two absences for the term will be given a U grade.
  3. Make-up work will not be given for missed seminars.
  4. Late arrivals (after 10:15 am) will be considered absent.
  5. December graduated seniors are required to attend the registration seminar on October 13th.