Christine Heisler
Christy headshot

Track: Cellular/Tissue Engineering
Post graduation plans: Industry

Have you had any memorable experiences during the program?

I've had two different research experiences: one in the Translational Neuroscience laboratory under Dr. McClung and one at the McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine under Dr. Brown. I did summer research internships (funded by SSOE) in both of these labs, and really enjoyed both experiences! 

I also recently finished a year-long co-op at DSM Biomedical which is located in Exton, PA. I was working on the Natural Materials R&D team during my co-op, working with three main biomaterials: collagen, bioactive glass, and calcium phosphate cement. I loved the variety of projects I was given and people with whom I worked. I really enjoyed this experience, and am so glad that I did it! 

How has the Pitt BioE undergraduate program helped you grow?

The Pitt BioE undergraduate program has helped me grow in three major ways: 
1) I've learned how to handle large amounts of information and funnel several technical details into a few main points to explain it to others 
2) I've learned how to ask for help/work with others 
3) I've learned how to approach any situation, no matter if it's in my expertise or not, and be able to think critically through the problem at hand. 

Any advice for future bioengineering students?

Understanding your limits and making sure to be involved in interests outside of engineering help to keep you balanced, motivated, and rested. I'm a part of an organization called RUF, Reformed University Fellowship, and it's helped me more than words can say during my time here at Pitt! 

What are your future plans?

I plan to work in industry, hopefully in R&D and/or orthopedics/biomaterials within a bioengineering company after graduation. 

Why should someone choose Pitt BioE?

Learning about complex biological mechanisms and systems and being able to explain this to others is truly incredible!