Clinical Site Certification

Certain courses that involve student participation in an UPMC clinical setting may require that students obtain Clinical Site Student Certification prior to enrollment. Students are required to submit the following original documents to the Course Instructor will deliver them to the Undergraduate or Graduate Coordinator for processing. Documents will be inspected prior to making two sets of photocopies. One set of photocopies will be placed in the student’s departmental record and one set will be provided to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The Associate Dean will issue the student a certificate of compliance, copies of which will be retained by the Associate Dean’s office and by the Department of Bioengineering. The original documents will be returned to the student, who should keep them for presentation, as needed, to meet the requirements for entering other clinical sites.

  1. Copy of HIPAA Certification - UPMC Information Privacy and Security Awareness Training for Physicians, Mid-Level Providers, Dentists, Staff, and Students Who Are Not Employed by UPMC but Who Encounter Protected Health Information in UPMC Facilities. (submit only once).
  2. Copies of the following PA DHS Certifications
    • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (ACT 33)
    • Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check Clearance (ACT 34)
    • FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check Clearance (ACT 73)
  3. Copy of immunization record/history and health screening record.
  4. Copy of TB screening results (required annually).
  5. Certification that you have attended an overview seminar on clinical site conduct.