Mar. 7, 2013
2013 McGowan Retreat

The professional development session took place on March 10, 2013 for our Trainees. This event was organized by Sanjeev Shroff, Ph. D. and Satdarshan (Paul) Monga, M.D. The topic of discussion was Alternate Career Choices- Something Other than Academia and Industry. The following topics were discussed in detail to our trainees.

  • NIH Intramural Career Opportunities:Sruti Shiva, Ph.D. -Assistant Professor-Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology-University of Pittsburgh
  • Careers in the Law - More than Patent Prosecution:David S. Smith, J.D. of Counsel, Pepper Hamilton, LLP
  • Career Opportunities at the Centers for Disease Control:Elizabeth R. Unger, Ph.D., M.D. Chief, Chronic Viral Disease Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention President, American Society for Investigative Pathology
  • Career Opportunities in Professional Societies, Journals, and Public Policy Sector:Mark E. Sobel, M.D., Ph.D. Executive Officer, American Society for Investigative Pathology, International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories, Intersociety Council for Pathology Information

Mar. 5, 2012
2012 McGowan Retreat

Here are a few of the presentations offered at the 2012 McGowan Career Development Seminar, partially sponsored by CBTP. Please note that these presentations are copyrighted by their individual authors and are offered here by their kind permission for academic purposes only.

  • Dr. Al Hirschman: "Opportunities at Pitt for Medical Innovation"
  • Dr. Steve Little: "Getting in the Driver's Seat…Of Your Academic Career"
  • Dr. Alan Waggoner: "Molecular Biosensor and Imaging Center - An NIH Technology Center for Networks and Pathways"